Dreadlocks of Love


photo © 2013 Open Book Photography

My daughter has sported dreadlocks for almost two weeks now. Three times, in my presence, she has been asked by a cashier, “How hard was it to convince your mom?” I have a feeling that her answer has not been the one they expected to hear. Once she explains that I, in fact, helped her with the locks; they state something to the effect that their mother “would never”…would never let them, would never help them…or other similar sentiments.

I find it interesting that so many assume a parent would oppose dreads. Granted, dreadlocks are an uncommon hairstyle in our part of the Midwest and tend to be misunderstood. For me, I’ve always been more fascinated by them rather than appalled. Even so, at 19 years of age, my daughter hardly needs parental consent!

backcombing dreadlocks

photo © 2013 Open Book Photography

I was not surprised when my daughter informed me at Christmas of her plans to have dreads! She has always had a unique sense of style. She rarely concerns herself with coordinating or accessorizing and has never been fond of makeup. She dresses for herself and not to impress others. I’m very proud of my independent daughter and admire that she has no qualms with being different.

This decision has not been an impulsive one. She intentionally grew her short hair until it was an adequate length for forming dreads.  She extensively researched the process for creating, caring for and maintaining them and purchased special tools/products. She selected me as her primary stylist despite, or perhaps because of, my tendency toward perfectionism. She had me watching tutorials on backcombing, deadballing and rolling.

Over the years, I have managed the customary braids, buns and ponytails necessary for gymnastics competitions.  However, dreadlocks are more challenging, time-consuming (20 plus hours!) and require more skill than you’d think.  Time will only tell if the masses of knots or “dreadlocks of love” will mature as she hopes.


photo © 2013 Open Book Photography

*******************    In case you are wondering…YES, she washes them and NO, she won’t have to shave her head when she decides on another hairstyle.

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