Nightstand Show and Tell: Monday Listicles

My nightstand

My nightstand minus my smartphone

I’m currently taking a break from the blogging scene and am reevaluating how I want to spend my time and energies.  However, I started feeling guilty when I saw Stasha’s Monday Listicles because the prompt was my idea.

Peering into or on a nightstand reveals much about one’s personality, interests and lifestyle.  My nightstand stores the items I want close by for reassurance, comfort and relaxation.  I’m glad this piece of furniture is no larger than it is, because the top becomes a magnet to too many lists and assorted reading material. Luckily, I have a drawer and storage space below to stash other necessities.

I loved show and tell as a youngster!  So, here’s my grown-up version…

10 Things On or Inside My Nightstand:

1.  A coaster my daughter created during summer Bible School one year (a long time ago) which I use for either a glass of wine or a water bottle.

2.  My phone charging cord.  I use my smartphone as my alarm clock and this is a convenient docking space.

3.  The reading glasses I won in a giveaway a couple of months ago.

4.  My Kindle which includes…

5.  Lip balm

6.  Earplugs – my most essential sleeping aid to date!

7.  Body lotion

8.  Rice bag

9.  Portable clip-on reading light for use when reading traditional books.

10. Copy of my school/work phone tree which I don’t use much anymore since our school district went to automated phone calls and text alerts.

What do you keep conveniently located beside your bed?

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Thanking My Way: Another First – TToT #17

Purdue Spring

photo © 2012 James Britton, Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

From the moment a child is born, parents celebrate and often record a multitude of firsts. The firstborn child experiences the first of these firsts! They “pave the way,” so to speak, for those who follow.

These firsts continue even after the kids leave home although one tends to be less cognizant of them. There’s the first time your child becomes ill or injured away from home…the first time a birthday is celebrated away from home…the first apartment and the first to graduate from college.

My son graduates from Purdue University tomorrow. This is my first experience as a mother of a college senior. I feel as though I’m floundering a bit. What is my role for this occasion?Thankful quote

I was well versed in high school graduations long before my own kids reached that stage. I learned the ins and outs of being a senior parent from hosting our foreign exchange students. During that time, I discovered that graduation and the associated parties can become quite involved.

From what I understand, there’s typically less fanfare for college graduations…or at least as far as individual celebrations go. I did speak to a couple of my friends who’ve had children graduate from college recently to make sure I hadn’t neglected something obvious. My son had little to offer when I asked about his expectations for the occasion.

Ten Things of Thankful

So, with this first college graduation; I am thankful that:

There were no invitations to send. Each graduate received only four tickets for the graduation ceremony thus limiting who could even attend.

I get to attend the Computer Graphics Technology reception someone else planned.

I had no open house party to obsess over.

There were no displays or scrapbooks to create and no special foods to prepare.

Expenses will likely be less. We will spend money on gas, a meal out and a gift.

I secured lunch reservations without too much difficulty several weeks ago.

I had a good excuse to miss a couple other obligations on Sunday.

There’s a sunny forecast.

My in-laws are spending the night in Lafayette and will hopefully be able to secure seats tomorrow morning.

There will be no clean-up and no thank you cards to nag my son about.

What are you celebrating about your week?

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